A New Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an unprecedented global impact in our social fabric. Challenges, no matter how big or small, are affecting each and every individual in the world, with millions facing lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and social distancing measures not seen at a global scale in recent history.

For startups and SMEs, the current crisis has meant -among many others- supply chain disruptions, employee furloughs, slower sales (or no sales at all), and temporary or permanent closing of their business.

For the coffee industry, it has meant for many the disruption of operations of cafés, roasters slowing down production, disruptions in the supply chain, changing spending habits of consumers, and a great economic uncertainty for coffee growers.

For millions of refugees in refugee camps across the globe, it means the mass spread of the disease inside the camps due to lack of access to proper sanitation and healthcare. For those already rebuilding their lives in another country, it means facing the threat of unemployment, abrupt hiatus in their education programs, concerns about access to healthcare, among many others.

But in the midst of uncertainty, we stand by our mission and by our current and future education, community, and coffee partners. We believe that synergy and empowering each other will allow us to create great opportunities for the future amidst the challenging circumstances.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank: all of the nurses, doctors, EMTs, and medical professionals on the frontlines; all the sanitation workers keeping hospitals, grocery stores, airports, streets, and all common spaces taken care of; the warehouse workers, truck drivers, and grocery store clerks for keeping our communities stocked with food and supplies; all the farmers and coffee farmers that keep our food supplies running; and to every single individual who continues to show up for our communities around the world.