HireChance is proud to partner with Korean EdTech company Eggbun to launch our first online Korean language education program!

This program is targeted to refugees and asylum seekers with a beginner to low intermediate Korean language proficiency.

The scholarships gives participants 12 weeks of access to Eggbun Premium mobile app. Lanny – Eggbun’s AI chatbot tutor- will guide students through the course content on the app. They will also receive eBooks with Korean language content delivered to their registered email address once the program begins.

Throughout the course of 8 weeks, students will have access to the KakaoTalk open chat room, where students will meet their fellow teammates (other students taking the program) and receive class topics, assignments, and quizzes. Students will also submit one sentence in Korean each day to be shared with fellow teammates and the assigned Korean language coach.

In addition, each participant will have 2 private coaching call with their assigned Korean language coach on weeks 4 and 8 to practice the content seen during the course. Schedule of the phone calls will be arranged during the first week of the program.

Beginner Level (No knowledge of Korean language) 

  • Week I: Hangeul (Korean Characters)
  • Week II: Pronunciation
  • Week III: Greeting Expressions
  • Week IV: Self-Introduction
  • Week V: Number and Counters
  • Week VI: Markers
  • Week VII: Action Verbs VS Descriptive Verbs – Linking Words (and, and then)
  • Week VIII: Verb Base Forms and Verb Stems

Low Beginner – Low Intermediate (TOPIK Level 1-3)

  • Week I: Basic Present Tense I – Linking Words (so, therefore)
  • Week II: Basic Present Tense II
  • Week III: Basic Present Tense III
  • Week IV: Basic Past Tense I
  • Week V: Basic Past Tense II
  • Week VI: Basic Past Tense III
  • Week VII: Basic Future Tense
  • Week VIII: Key Expressions


Mobile Device

Access to a mobile device and internet service to access the Eggbun: Chat To Learn Korean app available on iOS App Store and Google Play.

Recognized Visa

Recognized refugee (F-2 visa holder) or asylum-seeker (G-1-5 and G-1-6 visa holder) status applicants based in the Republic of Korea.

English Ability

Must have an intermediate level or higher English language proficiency as the course is delivered in English.


No, unfortunately. The core target of HireChance’s mission is forcibly displaced individuals. This means refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons. Learn more about us and our mission at www.hirechance.org.

This is HireChance’s first online education sponsored program. We are excited to have partnered with Eggbun to deliver the first of hopefully many programs that will positively impact the lives and career prospects of refugees, asylum seekers, and IDPs around the world.

The Eggbun: Chat To Learn Korean app delivers the course material in English, therefore we recommend students to have an intermediate-level or higher proficiency in English to make the most out of the course.

Between 5 to 10 hours per week.

Yes. Students who complete the program will be sent a certificate of completion.

After downloading and creating an account on the Eggbun mobile app, students will provide us with their registered ID and access to Eggbun Premium will be given on our end.

Access to Eggbun Premium app is only available through a mobile device by downloading it through the iOS App Store or Google Play. However, you can download KakaoTalk’s desktop version to access the course’s exclusive chat room. You are also able to chat with Lanny through Facebook Messenger about topics related to Korean culture and take short grammar and vocabulary quizzes and tests.

No, sadly. Eggbun is only available with an internet connection.

All communications regarding the program will be sent to your email.

We understand that this information is delicate. You can rest assured that your information is confidential and is used by HireChance only for data collection on the demographics of the participants of our online education scholarships. Your private information will not be distributed to any third-party.


Eggbun Education

Eggbun is a pioneer in adapting chatbot technology to education. The company has developed an engaging the artificial intelligence tutor called Lanny, which teaches the Korean language to the world and has already received immense support worldwide. Eggbun is now tempted to facilitate the learning of the language and culture by providing a special program run by artificial intelligence AI chatbot + a Korean coach together. In doing so, Eggbun ensures that students can learn Korean in a fun, easy, and effective manner, building a strong foundation that allows them to communicate in the language.